today a poet who can't play guitar (playgroundgirl) wrote in egonschiele,
today a poet who can't play guitar


Hello, I am new member. I'm a sixteen year old girl and I became obssessed by Schiele and his life a few years ago, in Vienna. I go there a lot now (as I learnt German, and am semi-fluent) and every time I have to visit the Museums, especially the Albertina, to see the paintings again.
Anyway, I am just posting to say that if you're interested, there is a novel about Schiele, based on his life, called 'Arrogance' by Joanna Scott. I read it & became even more entranced by him. Now I'm writing things myself, and the main character is based on Schiele.

Auf Wiedersehen
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youre really lucky to be able to go to the Albertina....I will definitely have to find that book and read it, thanks
oh thank you very much, i shall search for the book right away!