Some call me Ben...others don't call (sirpurpleduck) wrote in egonschiele,
Some call me Ben...others don't call


Hello everyone,
I just joined this community and thought an introduction and a little bit about my interests in Schiele might be in order.

I am a cultural anthropologist who does fieldwork in Central Europe. I had been interested in fin-de-siecle art generally and Schiele specifically for several years. While living in the Czech Republic, I seemed to find myself where Schiele had been, accidentally in each case, and the synchronicity of it all suggested to me that further exploration was called for. I became fascinated with Wally Neuzil and her relationship with Schiele and Klimt after I was on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. I was reading Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain, which is the auto-biography of a young English woman who became a Red Cross nurse during WWI. While discussing it with a Croatian colleague we got to talking about Wally, and he pointed out that she had become a Red Cross nurse and died of scarlet fever in Dalmatia in 1917, not far from where we were sitting at the time. I was not able to locate her grave or even confirm the exact location of her Red Cross work (I read Czech but my German is iffy and my Hungarian and Serbo-Croat non-existent). This has not stopped me from working on and off for the last couple of years on an experimental novel about Schiele and Wally.

So that’s how I have landed here, I look forward to all sorts of interesting discussion.
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