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i just joined and was wondering if anyone could clear up the following incontistencies i've found whilst studying the life of egon schiele.

first of all, i've observed differences of reporting on the time that schiele served before his trial in neulengbach. while most sources report that he served 21 days in prison, i've seen it claimed that he served 24 in one or two books.

secondly, this concerns erwin dominik osen. i've seen his year of death listed as 1960, 1966 and 1970. does anyone have any solid info as to the exact date of his demise? and what exactly of? most sources seem to list it as 1960, but this seems to be up to dispute. i also seem to have an impossible time finding his own artwork aside from an image of one of his earlier schiele-esque paintings in a huge comprehensive volume of shiele's sketches that i found. i know he had an art career himself, but i can't seem to find anything at all aside from the aforementioned. also, info on his mistress moa seems to be scarce.... does anyone have any idea of what later happened to her? when she died?

ciao... tony.
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